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Details of the Service

You have clicked on this link because down deep you know you need a proofreader or editor for your manuscript. Perhaps you have looked at other sites and found the cost totally out of your price range. When I Googled the subject I found, on average, the cost started at one cent a word. With the industry standard being 250 words per page, a struggling indie author would be paying $2.50 per page. For a short 200 page manuscript the cost would be $500. Something I found to be out of my price range. Some of the editing sites actually charged as much as $12.00 per page. Whew! A charge which would be way…WAY…out of my price range.

I am a published indie author with thirty titles in four genres. I do not hold a degree in English. I do hold one in law and theater arts. I know, weird combination, but not too weird if you think about it considering court theatrics.

I know most authors read what they ‘think’ they wrote when they proofread their own work. I have read many wonderfully imaginative books that just needed another set of eyes to tidy them up.

If you are ready to take the plunge, please feel free to contact me at to discuss your needs.

If you would like more information...Read on...

Let me be your second set of eyes.

I have been doing gratis beta and proofreading for years. Now I am approaching retirement in two years and I desire an alternate form of income. So I thought, ‘why not help my indie friends out while giving me a lift too?’ Why not launch Affordable Proofreading & Editing Service, LLC?

What you need to provide:

I like to do proofreading and editing electronically. I use 'Tracking' in the Microsoft Word program. I used to edit on hardcopies, but I found I liked leaving detailed notes and my handwriting is not the best. LOL 

So, all you need do is send me a 'Word' version of your manuscript and we are ready to go.

To start with, I suggest you send me the total word count of your manuscript, and a sample 3-5 pages, so I can evaluate your work and give you a firm price quote.

What I will do and for how much:

All of the rates are in U.S. dollars and there is a minimum charge of $35.00 per job.
Costs are based on word count, industry standard of 250 words per page.

Proofreading Service

If you feel your manuscript is polished and just needs a final read, I will proofread your work for $1.00 a page. This includes spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation, capitalization errors, and awkward grammar.

Extended Proofreading / Line-by-Line Copyediting Service

This service will cost you $1.25 a page. It includes everything that comes with the Proofreading Service. In addition, I will check the overall structure of your manuscript. Is the writing clear? Is the word choice appropriate? Are there any redundancies or inconsistencies in your plot or narration? Are the characters or situations believable? This is where I make those detailed notes. I will leave comments in the margin of the manuscript to address these issues.

Deep Editing / Rewriting Service

This is the most expensive service. It will cost you $2.25 per page. What this will entail is extensive rewrite and aggressive editing. In short, a total overhaul. This service needs a lot of trust between the two of us, because I really roll up my sleeves on this one. We can talk about it if you are thinking about taking the plunge before we actually do it.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Service

This type of editing is much like the Deep Editing/Rewriting Service listed above. It takes a lot of time and entails close attention to detail. It also often takes multiple emails back and forth between you, as the writer, and me, as the editor, to make sure I express your thoughts properly. I also have to go through the document twice. Once to proof and correct language errors, and then again to check flow, character development, etc. I have done many ESL edits from Indian, French and German authors. I welcome them, but they do take more time and hence, I charge $2.50 per page.

I will accept payments through Paypal. Money Orders are also welcome. I can accept personal checks, but the check must clear before I will start the work on your project.


I will place a tweet in my queue for your book with a link which will remain there for eternity. Currently, I have 83,000+ followers and grow about 100+ followers per day. If I personally enjoy the read, I might be moved to do a Facebook post for you also.


Theresa Snyder has helped me tremendously over the past few years with the editing of my books. Most editors can get the words right, but Theresa also helps with the feelings and intent of a story. I believe this is the reason that I won awards with the first book she worked on... and not just awards but two 1st Place awards. I think the second book (newly released) she helped with turned out much better than I expected due to her skills, and I think it has a great chance at some more awards. I recommend Theresa highly. Great service! Great price! Great results!

Larry Landgraf
Award Winning Author


"To me, the making of a good story takes a village to see it to its best. As I cozy mystery writer, I churn out my tales of ‘murdah and mayhem’ for My American Almost Royal Cousin Series at the rate of two books each year, keeping me very busy, but more importantly, making it essential to have a team to work with for the design, editing, proofing and publication efforts that make your book a top notch reading experience for readers.

I have had the privilege to work with Theresa Snyder, utilizing her editing and proofing services, for the last three of my five books in the series the past year and a half---Deadly Receptions, the Debut of Castlewood Manor; Mistletoe and Mayhem, Yuletide at Castlewood Manor; and my latest, due to be published on the 4th of July, Double Trouble, Showtime at Castlewood Manor. In each project, Theresa has brought her incredible knowledge and insights to the areas of character development, plot integrity, storyline flow, and historical accuracy. Her expertise has been invaluable to me as I finalize each book, readying it for publication.

Theresa is a delight to work with; friendly, timely, consistent---giving you a morale boost (or perhaps a gentle kick in the backside if needed, but always with a gentle nudge 😊). She provides a value-based service that gives writers a tremendous edge. I will continue to work with her on my future projects, no doubt.

Theresa Snyder editing and proofing services—highly recommended!"

Veronica Cline Barton
Award Winning Author


"It has been my great fortune as an author to work with Theresa Snyder, editor and proofreader extraordinaire. When I first connected with Theresa, I anticipated her providing editorial assistance with my manuscript, but I never imagined how far above and beyond she would go to help bring my work to fruition. She not only used her editorial skills to spot grammatical mistakes, missing words, logic errors, awkward sentence structures and the like, but she also made important suggestions regarding plot points and the characters’ actions and emotions. Her base of knowledge extends beyond the written word, as she even pointed out my incorrect usage of a flower species for the location and time of year in my story. Now that’s what I call a meticulous editor!

Theresa’s professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail impresses. I highly recommend her services to any author looking for expert assistance with their manuscript."

Gretchen Jeannette
Author of "This Day is Ours"
Historical Fiction


"Theresa is an outstanding editor. She has an amazing eye for detail, with an exceptional professionalism with outstanding ethics. She also adds flavor to your stories by making suggestions without taking over your style of writing. I really can’t say enough about how wonderful Theresa is, she’s an exemplary editor who is affordable, fast, and with a vast knowledge of English. She is friendly and easy to work with and someone I admire very much. Her work stands out providing a real sense of pride from the book she edits. I’m proud to be one of her customers and I will be bringing Theresa many more books in the future. I cannot recommend Theresa highly enough."
Ellie Douglas
Self-published Author


Theresa has been the second pair of eyes for two of my books. She is very obliging, is diligent in her work, and delivers the manuscript with her markups and suggestions, within the promised deadline. I am sure that authors will find it beneficial to use her services.

All the best Ma'am.
Fiza Pathan
Award winning author


“I will be the first to admit that I am a perfectionist, which can be both a blessing and a curse. It encourages me to strive for excellence; however, it also makes me constantly second guess every line I type. Are there missing quotation marks? An extra space? What about redundant wording? Is my punctuation correct? It is impossible for an author to have a critical enough eye to catch all their own mistakes.

I need to know my final product is as error-free as possible prior to going to print. To put my mind at ease, I turned to Theresa Snyder of Affordable Proofreading & Editing Service, LLC to do the final copyediting. I met Theresa via Twitter a few years ago and enjoyed her children’s book, James & The Dragon (The Farloft Chronicles). Theresa did not disappoint! She managed to catch the smallest details that I had overlooked. Thus, it is without hesitation that I recommend Theresa Snyder’s editing services. She provides a high-quality service at a fair price. With her expertise and assistance, I can rest assured that when my next book goes to print it shall be ready for the children eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Dani P. Mystery series.”

K. Lamb
Author of the Dani P. Mystery series


To Whom It May Concern:

"After searching for an editor to proofread my manuscript, I miraculously came across Theresa’s site. Reading through her biography that she was also an Indie Author, instantly I was relieved. Her prices seemed more than fair and her genuine writing style and natural sense of humor appealed to me. I read through her testimonials and had no difficulty contacting her about her services. She got right back to me and I just knew she was the perfect fit for me. The work she did for me was not only thorough but incredibly helpful about small grammatical details that I had missed. I would (and will) recommend her to all my writing friends and communities. Thank you Theresa for assisting me with my project!"

Tracy Bryan
Indie Children’s Author, Writer, & Blogger


To Whom It May Concern:

"Theresa Snyder was an incredible help on my latest non-fiction book, Book Deal Secrets. Not only did she find mistakes that I missed dozens of times - extra spaces, missing words, overused devices, etc. - but her vast experience as an author (she's written over 20 books!) gives her an edge over most editors because she understands the creative process. I've worked with professional copy editors at major publishers and Theresa's input was even better because she knows instinctively how to handle authors. Her prices are also reasonable and she turned the manuscript around very quickly. I feel much more confident about the book now that she's gone through it. I'll be using her on my fiction, too!"

Sheri McInnis
Author of Book Deal Secrets


To Whom It May Concern:

"I'm not picky, and I don't mind paying for a job well done. In the past, however, I've had sub-par experiences with costly editors. When I say costly, I don't entirely mean what I paid for services. The cost came later, when I found myself realizing the story I worked hard on still didn't get the professional polish it needed. Finding Theresa was the best thing that has happened to me as an author. This isn't hyperbole. The discerning eye she applied to my manuscript was exactly what it needed. Every step and every communication was classy and professional. I will no longer be searching for the right fit for me. I found her."

Robert Kimbrell
Author of When Mr. Burns Dies


To Whom It May Concern:

I utilized Theresa Snyder’s editorial services, and I’m grateful she was the proofreader of my manuscript. She provided me with an accurate quote that matched the prices on her website. Theresa fine-tuned my book and her helpful hints enabled it to flow better. She didn’t change my voice, which was a big plus. Every Author needs to have their manuscript proofread professionally before publishing. Theresa Snyder gets two thumbs up! She is trustworthy, reliable, professional, and always delivers. You won’t be disappointed.

Aldo Quinana
Author of 180 Days in China


To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you very much Theresa. Your work has improved "Ben and the Watcher of Zargon" immensely. I really like the way you do your editing. I find it very easy to follow. I will be sure to call you when my next book is ready.

Dianne Astle
Author of Ben and the Watcher of Zargon"


To Whom It May Concern:

I had the privilege of working with Theresa. Her professionalism, promptness, encouragement and quality of work was outstanding. I can't wait to work with her again.

Rochelle McDonnell

Author of Whisper Me Dead


To Whom It May Concern:

Theresa has recently proofread my debut novel, Delsey Prodigal. I would definitely recommend Theresa if you are looking for an experienced second set of eyes to check your precious work. Theresa keeps in touch and will not alter the style of your book. She enhances what you have created. Between us we culled 67 pages of a big novel. The finished product flows better, reads better, and most of all remains true to my original. Thank you, Theresa. You're an awesome human being.

Sue Lloyd


Whom It May Concern:

Theresa Snyder has acted as a ‘beta-reader’ for me for several years now. As such, I have come to depend upon her spelling and grammatical advice as well as her phrasing suggestions.
Theresa has improved the quality of my writing. I highly recommend her services!

James W. McAllister
Author and CEO
Fortiter Publishing LLC
Twitter: @StarclanAdmiral


Dear Readers,

Any of you who have visited my blog page will know I am severely dyslexic. And use a voice activated dictation program to write all of my books. Over the years I have used various editors with varying results.  Eventually, I made contact with Theresa Snyder and was amazed by her understanding, skill and her professional editorial standards.

Her input has taken a good story with a poor editing standard and made it sparkle. For an example see In2Minds, or the newly released Foundation of a Kings Legend, both of which can be accessed via my website. You will see a 4 Star review of the King, from prior to Theresa’s input, stating the story was good, but it needed editorial polishing. It has been polished and now receives regular 5 Star reviews. This I can clearly state is totally down to the hard and dedicated work put in by Miss Snyder.

To any of you looking to improve a book, story or whatever, I can heartily recommend (from experience) that you could do no better than contact Miss Snyder and engage her services, you will not be disappointed. Each of my books will be going under her scrutiny and I consider that her fee is money very well spent.

David Stevens, Author
Website: www.
Twitter: DS_Books


To Whom It May Concern:

Theresa Snyder has an eye for detail. She’s edited two of my romance novels and spotted errors others had missed, including a tree that couldn’t possibly have been flowering at the time of my story. Theresa is easy to work with and very reliable.

Katherine Lowry Logan, Author

Facebook: Katherine Lowry Logan, author
Twitter: @KathyLLogan


Example of a rewritten passage from David Steven’s work In2Minds 
(Deep Editing/Rewriting Service)

In2Minds is the story of an astronaut on a solo mission. He meets with an accident, which buries him alive on a distant planet. David had the accident occur on page 20 of a 69 page novella. The original 20 pages explained how the astronaut was recruited for this suicide mission. I felt moving the action to the beginning would make for a better read.

In the finished version, the accident occurs much earlier. What brought Commander Tait to his current predicament is reviewed as he struggles to escape his imminent death, while watching his air supply slowly dwindle.

The opening 400+ word of the Original Document:

“Computer, black out Sync link op access, personal, data view.”  I have forty-seven      hours and fifteen minutes to kill, literally. My world turns black as the computer closes down all visual connections. The familiar feeling of being opened up occurs as sync op becomes fully active. Sync up is not painful but it can be slightly uncomfortable, especially if like now, I am using a portable control linkage. Before my eyes, appears an oblong of dull pulsing light, which slowly materializes into a recognizable pattern of forms.

“Sync op link positive commander.”

The computer generated voice echoes in my ears, drowning out the silence all around me. I am entering only to pass a few harmless hours. 
“Computer, activate memory recall, three dimensional holographic replay, full sound.” I hesitate thinking back, selecting a suitable time and date for this my final review.

 “August 2339, nine am.”

Again the screen flickers as the computer scans the memory chip implanted in the rear of my skull and plugs me in and begins to access it. The data stream pulls at my thoughts, tickling against the outer edge of my brain, then as always, the feeling fades quickly and I am looking at an empty room, waiting for the arrival of First Tech Moddel. The door swings inwards; it is opened by a slim bony hand attached to an equally bony arm, which in turn is an integral part of First Tech Moddel. He walks through the open door, which is all I need to understand the character that drives Moddel.

He is old school; he likes predictability and has a publicly known ‘secret passion for the past’, which in a First Tech is slightly incomprehensible. I stand up slightly straighter; though odd, this First Tech is deserving of my best military stance and attention. I do not snap a salute at him, but instead accept his out stretched hand and shake it firmly. He smiles, glancing over his shoulder to check that the presence detector built into the door has activated and closed it behind him, it has.

“Commander, please relax, be seated, we need to talk and it will be far more pleasant to discuss the directive whilst sitting, don’t you think?” Military Commanders are not paid to think, not at my level, only to follow orders and at the double preferably, so I sit. Little knowing that this coming conversation will lead to the radical changes in my life which will bring me to this my current point in the future.

“I would like to tell you a story Commander, listen to me carefully and you will understand I believe.”

The story he told me was unnecessary, he has to but order me to attend to his wishes and I will obey, that is what soldiers do, obey orders. Instead he begins to talk and I listen, learning much from him, but not enough.

The opening 400+ words of the Revised Document:

"Commander Tait it is time for you to awaken... Commander?"
I hear the voice, but at first cannot remember where I am. Years have passed while I slept. As the sleeping pod I am confined to rotates 90 degrees to bring me to an upright standing position, I struggle to breathe. The technician that programmed the pod had the sense to tilt the head slightly forward so when I do finally manage to open my eyes and find the room spinning, I puke out the green slime the medics pumped into me at my feet but not on them. There is an oily taste to it that fouls my mouth. A small Bot, thoughtfully provided, scoots forward on its rollers from a previously concealed cupboard and starts vacuuming up my mess. I puke again, expelling the last of the glutinous gel that helped to preserve me on this long trip into deep space. It lands right atop the little mechanoid. He, for I have decided he looks like a male somehow, continues to clean and in addition, two long squeegee appendages extend from his sides which he maneuvers over his top to wipe the excrement from his lid like a crab would its shell.
"Commander Tait, I have reviewed your vital signs and you are functioning at 90%," the computer advises me.
I feel a warm gentle mist start to flow over my body from the jets in the bed of the sleeping platform at my back. I hang there in the restraints watching the green slime being slowly washed off of me and onto the floor. By my feet the Bot dutifully continues to mop up my mess. I marvel at even this tiny bit of technology. On the Home World we are not allowed to have any form of artificial intelligence, no mechanoid, no robots, no constructs. They are all forbidden. It was only when I arrived at the launching platform in space above our Home World that I discovered I would be a one man crew among a ship of AIs and lesser Bots.
The computer has removed the needles. It has also cleared away my body's waste pipes, disposing of them into orbit, something I am glad was inserted after I was asleep. The jettisoning of the tubes in a way tickles my sense of humor, which I can tell you brings a smile to my face. I can't help but imagine the first contact man makes with this new planet, his soon to be new Home World, is a tube full of excrement.
As the waters warm even further and begin to clear in the puddle at my feet I think back to the moment I entered the sleep pod and shake my head in wonder at the technologies that have kept me alive.

Please feel free to contact me at to discuss your needs. I would be pleased to read 5-10 pages of you work in order to give you an accurate evaluation of what I feel you might need to make your story shine. After all, we are all attracted to shiny objects.